- Small and high capacity PBXs
- Company communication Server
(A 4400)
- Operator consoles
- Applications    
Telephonic equipment
- Manager-assistant systems
- Analog terminals

- Digital terminals
- Cordless Headsets
Data Equipments
- Networking Devices
- Structured cabling
- PCM ( PAIR GAIN) and xDSL systems
- Diva ISDN

- RVS-COM Applications
R&D Projects
- Telemetry
- Cloud Computing

Directionari pe hartaCentrale telefonice de mica si mare capacitateDespre noiTerminale digitaleContactati-nePCM & xDSLTerminale analogicePartenerii nostriTerminale si abonamente GSM

[Small, medium and high capacity PBXs] [Complex systems] [Multisite networks] [Operator consoles] [Applications][PCM and HDSL systems] [Manager-assistant systems] [Analog terminals] [Digital terminals] [Headsets] [Networking elements] [Structured cabling elements] [ISDN equipment and applications]

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